Music Nova Scotia Investment Program – Applicant Profiles

Prior to submitting any Application for any component of the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program (MNSIP), all prospective MNSIP Applicants must update their Applicant Profile. If the Applicant does not have an Applicant Profile, they must first complete and submit an Applicant Profile form, thereby creating one.

If an Applicant has created an Applicant Profile previously the Applicant must not create a new Applicant profile.

If an Applicant is no longer able to access an existing/previous Applicant Profile or is unsure if they have created an Applicant Profile previously, please contact the Music Nova Scotia Program Manager. DO NOT create a new Applicant Profile. We can only have one profile per applicant; duplicates must and will be deleted, so do not put the time and effort into creating one.

The Music Nova Scotia Investment Program Manager will review each Applicant Profile and assign a status (corresponding to the program definition of eligible applicants) as one of the following:

     a) Developing Artist Level I
     b) Developing Company/Entrepreneur
     c) Developing Artist Level II
     d) Export-Ready Artist
     e) Export-Ready Company/Entrepreneur
     f) Community Presenter  

The user platform for the MNSIP Applicant Profile system has recently been integrated with a new WordPress site which will serve as your interface. We hope this results in a better, more user-friendly experience for our clients. All existing Applicant Profile information has been maintained and migrated to the new system; no information contained in the prior platform has been lost. You will not be required to re-enter previously entered information; you will only be responsible for updating what had previously been submitted.

Applicant Profiles must be completed or updated no later than seven (7) days prior to any of the quarterly application deadlines (March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15). Applications received by Music Nova Scotia from Applicants who have not created an Applicant Profile in the timeframe outlined above will be deemed ineligible and will not be evaluated. Applicants to either Business Travel or Community Presenter components are required to update their Applicant Profile the same day they submit an application to either of these two programs.

Your Applicant Profile will be reviewed by the jury in addition to your application(s). Information you provide on the form will be kept confidential by Music Nova Scotia and its funding partners. It will be used only for the purpose of assessing and responding to your funding application and disclosed only where authorized or required by law. To obtain access to, or request a correction of, your personal information please contact the MNSIP Program Manager.

Instructions for Creating and Maintaining your Music Nova Scotia Investment Program Applicant Profile

Step 3a:

If you know you have an Applicant Profile, but this is your first time using the new WordPress system, you will need to generate a new password (your old Podio password will not work). Click on “Lost your password?”

Enter your email and click on “Get New Password”:

Click on the reset password link in the email that is sent to you:

Enter your new password, click on Reset Password:

Now that you are logged in, proceed to Step 4.

Step 3b:

If you have already created an Applicant Profile and have reset a new password, enter your username (email) and password and click “Log in”. Now that you are logged in, proceed to Step 4.

Step 3c:

If you have not previously created an Applicant Profile, click “Register”.

Enter a username (this should be the name of the artist for whom the profile is being created), a valid email (not already associated with any previously created Applicant Profile), and select your Applicant Type (Artist, Company or Presenter) from the drop-down menu presented. Then click the “Register” button:

You will receive an email with a link to set your password. Click through and set your password:

Return to the main sign-in page and enter your new username and password and log in:

Now that you are logged in, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: When you first log in to your profile, you will see the layout below. You do not need to edit this section as it is your WordPress account settings page, though you are welcome to customize the layout if you so desire. You can use this section to change the colours of the sidebar, your account nickname and your password. You are however under no obligation to change anything and this can be left alone.

Step 5: Click “Your Profile” on the left column menu. Below is a screencap of your Applicant Profile user interface. Here you can fill out/make changes to your Applicant Profile that is used and evaluated as part of any application you make to the Music Nova Scotia Investment Program. Want a new pic as part of your profile? Do it here! Need to change your streaming link? This is the place. Need to enter your latest sales figures? You guessed it, that happens here. Click on one of the organizational headings and pop in your latest info. When you’re done, hit the “Update Profile” button.

Please review all sections when you log in for the first time to ensure that you have submitted all of the required information. Remember that jurors for the MNSIP program are required to review the Applicant Profiles, so be sure to maintain your profile with the latest information to reflect a vibrant and active career.

Do not forget to hit this “Update Profile” button, as your changes will not be saved if you forget or neglect to do so. We highly recommend making your text edits in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, save as you edit, and then cut and paste your text into the appropriate field when finished. This avoids potential problems from freezing or crashing prior to being able to hit the “Update Profile” button.

Music Company Profiles:

Are you a music company with multiple artists to manage? You will see a handy third option upon log in. From here you can enter the profile of all of your clients and edit it each of them. Artist applicants must consent to a company being allowed to access and manage their Applicant Profile. Please contact the Program Manager to add or delete artist applicants from your roster.

Be aware that you can check the “Investment History” heading to get the latest figures on the total amount of investment you’ve received in the past fiscal year. Music Nova Scotia staff will be filling out this section over the coming weeks, so please be patient if you do not yet see a tally for your profile.

You can also access any past eligible applications as well as completion reports by clicking on the “Application and Completion Reports” heading. You may find the archived Applications a useful reference guide when filling out the budget projection line items in a Completion Report form. Application and completion reports dating from the March 15, 2017 deadline forward will be archived. Please contact the Program Manager if you need access to reports and applications prior to March 15, 2017. This section too will be a work in progress over the coming weeks, but Music Nova Scotia staff will have the work completed by March 15, 2018.

We hope you find the new system useful and easier to use. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues:

Darryl Smith
Investment Programs & Member Training Manager
Regional Education Coordinator – FACTOR
Music Nova Scotia
off: +1 9024236271 x 107
direct: 902-800-2047

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