The Mentorship Component supports developmental employment relationships between Developing and Export-Ready Artists/Companies/Entrepreneurs (Mentee) and mentors in which a more experienced music industry professional (Mentor) shares information, skills or knowledge and standards or best practices that will advance the applicant’s career, enhance their education and build their networks. The applicant (Mentee) should receive the primary benefit of the mentorship.

With your application, you must submit:

  • A complete and detailed Mentorship Plan


March 15

September 15

Who is Eligible?

Developing and Export Ready Artists/Companies/Entrepreneurs

It is mandatory that all applicants to the Mentorship stream contact the Program Manager in advance to discuss their mentorship project to ensure you and your proposed activity are eligible.

Applications submitted to the Mentorship stream without prior consultation with the Program Manager will not be accepted.

Level of Investment – $15,000.00 maximum per Applicant per Deadline

Percentage of Investment – 75%