The Community Presenter stream provides an investment for non-profit organizations or societies committed to providing musical experiences for their communities.

With your application, you must submit:

  • A mandatory Presentation Plan that provides details of the activities including Eligible Artists performing, a presentation marketing plan, ticket sales information and a budget for the presentation(s).

  • Nova Scotian artist(s) contracts

  • Note for Community Presenters: You are required to complete a new Applicant Profile form.  Former “Bringin it Home” Venue Profiles are no longer valid.


Rolling deadline. Applications must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to the presentation date. Community Presenters may package/submit multiple presentations in one (1) Application with an investment request for the annual cap amount ($3,000.00)

Who is Eligible?

Community Presenters

Level of Investment – $1,000.00 per application or $3,000.00 maximum per Applicant per Music Nova Scotia fiscal year

Percentage of Investment – 25% of Nova Scotian Artist Fees