The Live Performance component provides an investment for domestic and international performances including showcases, tours and community presentations.

There are three (3) streams to this investment component:

Who is Eligible?

Tour Support

Artist Level II
Artist Level III

To qualify for this component, you must either have a current release (released no longer than 24 months prior to the component submission date) or an upcoming release (due to be released within six months of the latest scheduled tour or showcase date).

Showcase Support

Artist Level I
Artist Level II
Artist Level III

Community Presenters

To qualify for this stream a Presenter must be a non-profit organization or society committed to providing musical experiences for their communities.

Deadline(s) for tour & showcase support

  • March 15
  • June 15
  • September 15
  • December 15

Rolling Deadlines for Community Presenters

Level of Investment
Tour Support – $10,000.00 maximum (Artist III), $5,000.00 maximum (Artist II)
Showcase Support – $5,000.00 maximum
Community Presenter – $1,000.00 maximum, $3,000.00 annual cap

Percentage of Investment
Tour Support – 50%
Showcase Support – 75%
Community Presenter – 25% of Nova Scotian artist fees only