Basic Training

Music Nova Scotia has created a Basic Training program to help artists and aspiring music industry professionals develop their skills and knowledge. Moving forward, applicants to Music Nova Scotia’s investment programs will be required to complete Basic Training sessions in order to be eligible to apply to our investment programs.

All previous applicants will be eligible to continue to apply at their current level (Artist Development, Artist Development II, and Export Ready). However, all first time applicants and all artists wishing to move up levels will be required to complete a corresponding number of Basic Training sessions.

The session requirements per investment level are as follows:

Artist Development: 2 sessions
Artist Development II: 5 sessions
Export Ready: 8 sessions

Please note: It is mandatory for all first time NSMW showcasing artists to attend the Conference & Showcasing session prior to NSMW 2019.

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If you have any questions, please contact Darryl Smith, the Investment Programs & Member Training Manager: